USA Made Custom Shoe Sole Parts

January 27th, 2014

BODY-GLOVE copyDue to the return of shoe sole manufacturing by Justin Boot, Caterpillar and many other name brands, we have been asked to supply the factories with custom labels for the sole of the boot. The design involves adding holes to the outer area of the label so that when the material for the sole is poured in, it will also “lock” in the label and secure it permanently to the sole.
Our custom pvc labels and pvc parts are very sturdy. They are exposed to harsh environments in the scuba, medical, shoe, hockey, motocross, military and other similar industries.
In addition, we are the only company in the world to use the FlexBioCorn tm medical grade pvc resin. Instead of phthalates, our material uses an eco-friendly corn ingredient. This material was first developed to manufacture human heart catheters in California. We have the exclusive for this resin in the industries we sell to. This material cannot be found in China.
There has never been a four color process shoe sole label like the one shown above. Chris Anderson, from No Boundaries, is keen to see this and test it out. The Half Dome shot is clean and crisp and opens up huge opportunities to the types of designs and logos that can be used vs the common one or two color label that is currently being used.