Try USA Made Zipper Pulls

January 14th, 2015

USA Made Zipper PullsUSA Made Zipper pullsUSA Made Zipper Pulls

Try USA Made Zipper Pulls- An Easy and Cost Efficient Method to Brand Products


We have been making thousands of USA made zipper pulls this month.  A popular, simple and easy way to brand your product.  Zipper pulls also make it easier to hold and pull a zipper up and down.  Zipper pulls are the perfect branding method because you can operate your zipper with ease, they are cost effective and a great looking accessory.  Our custom 2D PVC zip pulls are attached to just about everything you can imagine, from North face and Patagonia jackets to Cocoon Bags and cosmetic cases.  Zipper pulls are also great to use as handouts at trade shows and events etc.

Once again, the cute 2D zipper pulls are not only cost effective; they are a product that will be used over and over again.  I think that is why we are seeing an upsurge in these USA Made items.  Zip pulls are also easy to install on any item that has a zipper such as garments and bags and can be taken off in a jiffy as well.  You no longer need to go overseas to get a cost effective product, we offer superb quality that is cost efficient and we make and operate right here in the USA.

You can see that the Microsoft zipper pull is two sided. And we were able to fit a lot of copy and color in a very small space. Being two sided gives you room to add more copy to your billboard.  Our USA made zipper pulls can be made in any custom shape or size.  The material we use to make zipper pulls is soft, flexible and strong so your pull won’t break.  Zipper pulls are popular because of their functionality and the cost efficient method when branding your products.

Give these a try for your next promotion and find out why other distributors are selling these to their customers.