They are great!

So far so good! Thanks so much for your help!

- Lisa
Yukon rubber Velcro patch

Hi Rick!

First, thank you so much for reaching out about that sew on detail. That would definitely keep the patch in place – very valuable!

Thank you for lookin’ out and thank you to the whole team for helping us shine in this way!

Happy Tuesday!

Branding Account Specialist

- Lori Balmonte
Custom Berry Amendment heat seal patch

They were SO happy, thank you again for saving the day!

We will definitely keep you in mind for future projects. Nadel has nothing but positive vibes for FlexSystems!

Brand Account Specialist

- Tina Medley
Josh Turner custom magnet

Hi Flex, Harbor LOVED the hats and the feedback from their trade show was so good. Thanks for being the rock star team on these orders!

Creative Strategy Director

- Rob Noe
Store Space. Promo Products. 2d pvc labels. Sew on faux leather pvc patch. Patches and Labels. Usa pvc labels. Sew on faux leather patch for Northface Beanie’s.

Good morning Diane, I received the labels and they look AWESOME. Thank you very much! When I talk to Paul, I will give you a great reviews. Not only on the quality of your product but your incredible customer service. I am aware that you didn’t have to remake the labels and I am very grateful for your understanding of my situation. Thanks again!

- Mike
Delta Tactical. Promo Products. USA 2d Velcro patch. Custom Tactical Velcro patch. Patches and labels. Usa and orient Velcro patches. USA Made Tactical Velcro patch. Custom Manufacturing. Berry Parts. USA Made 2D Velcro patch.

Hello team Flex Systems, I have received the zipper pulls and they look great! Thank you for the quick turnaround and wonderful customer service! Hope to work with you again soon!

Executive Assistant to COO - EQ Office

- Lana Niyazov
Promo products. Usa Velcro patch. Texas custom Velcro patch Patches and labels. USA and Orient Velcro patches. Custom Texas Bravo Concealment morale patch Custom Mfg. Berry Amendment parts. Custom Velcro patch for Bravo Concealment.

I saw a ton of accolades for you guys on Facebook / Promo group and knew right away you guys were the go-to folks for this.  Thank you for the awesome service so far.  I did receive the proof, it looks fantastic, the client is reviewing.

Sincere thanks!!

Solutions Expert, Lightening Color

- Frank Babich
Custom 3D keychain for trade shows

Ok seriously. I thought I was impressed with the level of customer service when y’all were helping me with getting this order started.

But this is just next level stuff. You might have just earned a customer for life!

Evergreen Business Solutions

- Joel Simmons
Custom morale patch
  1. This pre pro looks amazing!!! 
  2. We are in complete shock at how great this turned out! 

Just sent it over to my client for her approval we will have an approval for you by tomorrow if all goes well.


Canary Marketing

- Dina Figueroa
Custom woven heat seal label with merrow edge

Hi all and happy Monday!


I just wanted to thank you again for the help with the patches and hat order. The client received everything on time and they were very happy with the hats and the quality of patch. 


I will be sure to reach out on the next opportunity that comes up.


Have a great week!

Satellite Source

- Bryan Johnson
MEP Embroidery & Promotions

Hi Lisa,

Just a quick note to let you know that we received the gloves today and they look FANTASTIC!  Thanks for all of your help 😊

Have a great weekend,


ARK Creative Solutions

Hi Melissa,

Flex Systems has been wonderful to work with.  Please let us know how we can send our appreciation for others to see.

Thank you to all of your team.

VP of Sales & Marketing

- Austin Kolbert

Thank you Trinity! 
I’m glad to be doing business solely with companies who appreciate and value their clients…the same way I treat my clients.  

Owner - Luk Branding

- Kim Oliver
Custom Labels and Patches

Hey Trinity! Yes they were awesome!! Will definitely be doing more with you in the future. Thank you so much for checking in!


- Andrew
Custom Labels and Patches

Thanks for checking in.  The T-Mobile parts look great and the customer is pleased.  We will certainly keep you in mind for future projects.  




Product Manager, Multimedia Products

- Austin Jackson
Custom Labels and Patches

WE love them!

General Manager

- Jason E. Overmyer
PVC Rubber Labels, PVC Patches


Custom Key Covers Orient Made

I really appreciate everyone’s help on this. Thank you so much!

Account Manager - LeaderPromos

Custom Velcro Hook Patches and Morale Badges USA

Thank you ALL so much for making this happen!!

I appreciate the Team work =)

Thank you,



2D PVC Patches & Labels USA Made

I really appreciate everyone’s help on this. Thank you so much!

Account Manager

- Connie Slamkowski
Berry Amendment Parts and Patches

You guys are seriously the best!! Thank you 😊

Thumprint - Client Engagement Manager

- Ivonne Corporan
Custom 2D Plastic Transfers Orient Made

Hi Flexers,

I know this order is not yet complete, but I wanted to tell you how professional and attentive your company has been to our orders.

The quality is excellent, and your attention to detail is impressive. You guys might be my new favorite supplier.

I just wanted you to know how grateful we are!!

So a big thank you to everyone!!


- Remline
Custom 2D Plastic Transfers Orient Made

Yes they LOVED them, as did we. They looked amazing and were exactly what they were looking for!

Thank you and your team for all the hard work!!

- Dusty
Custom 2D Plastic Transfers Orient Made


My client (Dillanos) just emailed me about the hats and fanny packs.

“We just got the hats and fanny packs and they’re AMAZING!

Like when I opened the hats the first thing I thought to myself was “these are SICK!” and I’m WAY too old to be using that word! 😉”

Just thought I would pass this along because all too often in our industry we just get hit with complaints and problems, never compliments!

Director – Business Development | Rain City Promotions

- Will Parker
Custom 2D Plastic Transfers Orient Made

Hi Melissa,

Wanted to thank you on getting this done a bit early for us 😊 Just received confirmation that they’re ready to ship!

I appreciate your work, and your putting up with my persistent check-ins!


- Jordan
Berry Amendment Parts and Patches

Yes, approved. The finished product looked amazing!

Director of Sales

- Amanda Ricenbaw
Sublimated Patch

Hi Gary,

I actually received an order from you last week. Loved the final product.


- Matt
Morale Badges with Velcro Brand Fasteners - USA & Orient Made

Labels are fantastic!

I will be returning as a customer for other projects. Thank you for the follow up!

Superior Defense

- Corey Emond
Morale Badges with Velcro Brand Fasteners - USA & Orient Made

Hi Diane,

Your team has outdone themselves! We absolutely LOVE the gear and the decoration is incredible.

We will be giving your team shout-outs on social media. Thank you so much for making this happen so quickly. We will be the best looking team in Vegas!

Chief Experience Officer

- Brian Gill
Morale Badges with Velcro Brand Fasteners - USA & Orient Made

Hi guys!

Just wanted to give you a big shout out and huge thank you for your help with these patches.
We are thrilled with how they turned out and we appreciate you working with us on everything.

Thank you thank you

- Stefan Leal
Recycled PVC 2D Labels - USA Made

Thanks everyone!

Jackets have been received and they look great!

Nice Work!

Dir. of Administration

- Zippy Neil
Berry Amendment Parts and Patches

I want to thank you all for your great service and helping me with my client. The client loves the hats and they are getting a lot of compliments from employees and competitors. I also want to thank you for the nice card gift you sent. We look forward to doing much more business with you. May You all have a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year.


- Rod Buck and crew.
Woven Patches


Thank you for reaching out to me.

I will have a patch project the first part of next year, so please keep me in mind…and I will reach out to you when I’m more ready to do it.

When I first looking around to have my first patches done…I contacted three very well known patch companies, yet your company was the only one that responded, and kept in close contact all the way through the process…you’ve earned my continued business.

- Steve
2D & 3D PVC Patches - Orient Made

Hi Flex,

You Rock !

I am so sorry for the delay as last week was nuts. But….I have to tell you…THE APPAREL LOOKED AMAZING!

I have more projects to work on now. Let me know when we can connect on Monday. Thank you SO much for your help. Really appreciate the amazing service and product. 🙂

thumbs up


VP of Sales

- Brian Gill
2D PVC Rubber Key Tag

You all are absolutely the best.

Thank you to the entire team for helping get this done!


The Ink Barn

- Kim

We have received, and they look AMAZING!!!  Thank you all so very much for making this happen so fast with such great service and high quality.  I’ll be looking to order additional for other teams with which I work and recommend your company to others who need the same type of items.


- Lunar
Military Parts and Patches

RE: National Geographic

Thank YOU Gary! I hate having to scramble! Unfortunately, the client left us no choice which in turn has sent you scrambling. Again, my apologies for this. We greatly appreciate your efforts. Even though your pricing may be higher on other projects, given your efforts today, I promise you’ll see more business coming regardless.



Custom Sales Director - Ecologic Designs

- Rob Siegel
Berry Amendment Parts and Patches

Hi Gary,

Thank you so much for the gift! I can confirm this has been received and is greatly appreciated on top of the work you’ve done for us recently.

I’ll definitely be keeping Flexsystems in mind as we continue to work with new projects/clients!

Thank you so much!


- Kai
Morale Badges with Velcro Brand Fasteners - USA & Orient Made
They were a big hit!

We had a line wrapped around our booth both days and we ran out of the patches by 12:30 both days! We got a lot of positive feedback on them. I will let you know when we can get another project going, thanks for all the help in getting these done for us!



- Dina Sanders
Custom Velcro Hook Patches and Morale Badges - USA Made

The show was great! We gave out 900 within the first two days. The grip in the pistol was exactly what I wanted, and the depth of the skull was on point. Like I said before, this was our best one yet and Flex made it happen!

I will check on the sticker and other promo inventories to see where we are at.



- Ryan Cross
PVC Rubber Labels, PVC Patches

Flexsystems provides superior customer service, delivers as promised, is very prompt
In replying to any questions or concerns.. MANY THANKS to Flexsystems for being
Such an awesome company in both service and products…

Thank you.

SAS - Purchasing Department

- Lydia G. Nuncio
2D Zip Pulls


The overall design, finish and quality exceeded our expectations. The final patches exceeded our expectations! The soft contour looks great in person.

Thank you for your help.

Best Regards,


Vice President - Super Seer Corporation

- Kevin
flex systems - custom patches

Gary, I just got word from my client and their employees that they love the bags.  Well done.  Thank you for making me look good.


BASI - 191024 - President

- Desiree Pfister


Thank you so much for your continued exceptional customer service!

The whole Flex Systems team really is amazing and we appreciate it so much.

Thank you!



Promoshop - Boise, Idaho

- Wendi
201st_airlift_18inch_label copy

“Just got our order!!!! I know its just a simple order for you guys, but we LOVE them!!!!! Thanks so much for the great process, clear communication and quick turnaround!”

Kind regards,

- Tom and Debbie Reay
Gary, I know we had a small initial order that was probably a slight pain in the ass to deal with, but I’m really loving the way they turned out! Great job, and thank you for your follow-up/through. I can’t wait to see them on our track side clothing.
- Greg Taniguchi
2D PVC Patches & Labels USA Made

Good morning, We just received the order of jackets and they look great as usual! Thank you and your team for all your hard work and making this happen. I know our customer will be thrilled with them.

Trojan Promotions

- Troy Nelson

Guys… Pardon my French, but these look KICK ASS!…. APPROVED… Lets get this goin. What do you need from me?


- Sean Nexus
2D PVC Patches & Labels USA Made

Thank you, I received. We were very satisfied with our 1st purchase from Flexsystems. We look forward to doing business with you again in the future.

Administrative Coordinator

- Kelli Burau Marketing
Custom Key Covers Orient Made

Thanks for the gift certificate! Thanks for the nice zipper pulls! I hope to sell allot of kits, our site just went LIVE this week! https://www.Vcovers.com Will keep you posted! We will start our ad campaigns next week!!

Vcovers LLC

- Julie

Gary, Saw an article about your company on SoldierSystems.net today. I have to say these patches are almost indestructible – my team has worn them in Texas heat, the cold and rain, they’ve been run over, ground up against concrete, slid down rocky hills in Oklahoma and neither the patch or the VELCRO® brand fasteners® has shown any signs of wear. The color on my first batch has held up strong and all of them look as good as the day I got them in the mail. Thanks for making a great product!

Demon Hounds

- Kit Young
PVC Rubber Labels, PVC Patches