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March 17th, 2020

Soldier Systems:  A tactical Industry Blog

Solider Systems

Flexsystems was featured in a web publication over at Soldiersystems.net, a news and story web publication in the tactical industry.  Soldier Systems featured our blast on the new gun rail parts we did for Custom Gun Rails, Inc.  We are so grateful to them for carrying our blast on their popular blog.  Check out our blog post on the blast Soldier Systems carried for us on custom Berry Amendment parts.

Soldier systems is a free daily news and stories blog on valuable information and products in the tactical industry.  Soldier Systems is the top blog for the military, police, gun and defense industry.  Their web publication offers various articles, information, products and videos to keep those in the tactical industry up to date and informed with the latest stories and products out there.  This is not just any tactical blog, this is THE blog for the tactical industry.  All publications are informative and add knowledgeable insight to the topics discussed.  When publishing news articles this web publication is like no other, striving to provide a thorough and knowledegable story.  The videos capture your attention whether it’s an informative video on an upcoming product in the industry or an action video displaying full tactical gear and fun.  If you are looking for an all inclusive tactical industry blog, this one is for you!