PVC Label Glove Decoration -American Made

February 27th, 2015

PVC Label Glove Decoration -American Made

PVC label glove decoration


PVC label glove decoration is popular among our customers when branding their logo.  We create labels for our customers’ brand and decorate apparel and accessories onsite.  We did the glove decoration for Parents magazine touchscreen acrylic gloves seen to the right.  These touchscreen gloves make it easy to use your touchscreen device anywhere. Your hands will stay warm when it’s chilly out.

Parents is a fun and informational resource for parents available online or in print.  Parents has been providing high quality content to entertain and inform parents of all ages.  From pre-pregnancy to big kid, Parents offers advice on topics ranging from what to expect, behavior and parenting to food and health information. Parents also keeps their readers up to date on new and popular products. These gloves are convenient to have in cold weather when you are checking your phone or tablet on the go. The PVC label glove decoration is vibrant, clean and stands out wonderfully. Sewing is a very popular method for PVC label glove decoration as we did with these Parents touchscreen gloves.

PVC label Glove decoration is important to promote your label and company. Our labels are easy to sew on and made to last so they won’t peel, unravel or fade.   We did the PVC label glove decoration for Parents magazine touchscreen gloves here in San Diego. Our American made labels can easily be sewn onto any type of fabric. This cuts out the need for a middleman. Our experienced sewers have been with us for over 10 years and work with all types of fabric, from delicate to heavy duty.  Our commitment to our customers, our employees and our product quality has always been a top priority.  We have been in business for over 20 years and choose to provide high quality American made PVC labels to our customers.