Olsen Sailing Gear PVC Reflective Labels

May 1st, 2014

Olsen Sailing Gear PVC Reflective LabelsOlsen Sailing Gear PVC Reflective Labels

Our VELCRO® brand fasteners® cuff tabs and our reflective labels were on many of the new Olsen Sailing Gear jackets at the recent Magic Show in Las Vegas.

A new American company, Olsen Sailing Gear is 100% American Made. The founder saw an opportunity to create better and more functional apparel that was USA Made. Long lasting and built to last.

The Flexsytems pvc reflective labels use industrial grade Reflexite mesh material. The same material that is used on road signs for safety and the strength of the reflectivity. The custom labels and Patches with VELCRO® brand fasteners for the jacket cuff sleeves are made in San Diego. Since 1994. The material will withstand harsh environments : from salt water to sun, abrasion, tensile and cold water conditions. The company has been making parts for many industries and has gained the know how create a long lasting brand 2D label or pvc part.