How to Work With Difficult Artwork for Morale Badges

April 2nd, 2024

difficult artwork for morale badgesHow to Work With Difficult Artwork for Morale Badges

Often times we receive impossible artwork for custom morale badges. Either very intricate detail like the cammo pattern above or detail so small that our 2D molded process could not replicate this in production.  Being in the business for 20 plus years, we are quite experienced in dealing with difficult artwork for morale badges and many other items such as keychains, labels and custom patches.  Over the years we have found unique quality solutions for patches, badges, labels and many other non-traditional items.

For this difficult artwork morale badge, we suggested that the customer use our combination technique. That is, use the 2D molded label for the outside rim and all the characters would be raised up off the flat surface. Then we insert our 4CP picture of the detailed area that we cannot mold.  And we cover it with a clear coat to protect the artwork.  This process enables us to keep the integrity of the artwork.  We came up with the Four-Colored Process when we encountered difficult artwork for a customer and could not bring ourselves to simplify it.  This process helped maintain a crisp and detailed morale badge with great success.  Since creating this process we have helped many of our customers achieve the look they set out to get the first time.

This is a one of a kind morale patch only made in the USA. The customer was very happy with the solution as were all the members of his team. Whether you have difficult artwork for morale patches, tactical patches, military patches, sew on patches, keychains, or labels you might want to give the 4CP and 2D combination a try. Not only will your artwork look 100% like your original art, you will have a custom morale badge that no one else has!