Hintze Tool Belt Custom PVC USA Made Labels

March 16th, 2015

Hintze Tool Belt Custom PVC USA Made Labels


USA made label

Custom PVC USA made labels are popular items we make here at Flexsystems.  We have been in business for over 20 years.  With this experience in the industry we have worked to innovate and change with our customer demand.  USA made custom PVC labels are easy to sew, heat seal or apply VELCRO® brand fasteners® onto apparel, accessories, bags, shoes and so much more!  Our custom PVC labels not only last longer than embroidery, they are eco-friendly, compliant with prop 65 and contain no phthalates.

We recently crafted these PVC labels for Hintze.  Made right here in San Diego, our custom PVC USA made labels are molded with our patented exclusive FlexBioCorn material.  The new blend uses a corn base in place of phthalates.  The material has been used to manufacturer human heart catheters.  This new blend of resin is soft and flexible giving is a smooth feeling.  Tested for strength against many elements our durable custom PVC labels can withstand harsh conditions and last longer than embroidery.  Our USA made labels show the details in your logo without simplifying your artwork.  The added depth and detail we are able to create in your USA made label, makes your logo stand out against the rest.  With many adhesive options, we can also heat-seal, VELCRO® brand fasteners or sewn on your custom PVC labels to your product or merchandise.

Hintze is a company that sought out to simplify the use of and reduced the tension of tool belts on the lower back.  Hintze tool belts are made in America and needed custom PVC USA made labels.  The creator of the Hintze tool belts had been working in construction and saw the need for a safer, more secure way to attach tools and alleviate the weight the belt put on the back.  The belt has revolutionized tool belts in the construction and tunneling industries.  Allowing your tools to stay secure when working on a ladder or with a harness.  Giving the user ease of access to the tools needed was very important and this belt provides this for its users!  The improved safety of your tools while working at heights above your fellow co-workers gives peace of mind to everyone on the job.  Check out the safe and effective tool belts here!

As an innovative company with a vision towards the future, we aim to bring quality products to our customers every time.  Our 20 plus years of experience and customer dedication has won our customers return over and over again!  Come to Flexsystems for quality custom PVC USA made labels every time, you will not be disappointed!