Puppy Project Custom Made PVC Label

March 17th, 2015

Puppy Project Custom Made PVC Label


custom made PVC label

The custom made PVC label is widely used.  Anything that is branded has a label such as clothing, shoes, bags, hats, equipment, uniforms and pet accessories.  Flexsystems has been making custom PVC labels in California for over 20 years.

We recently created this custom made PVC label for our customer The Puppy Project based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Daša Lipovšek, PhD, KPA-CTP is the coach and trainer at The Puppy Project with an extensive background in education to provide the most effective, up to date training.  Through positive reinforcement and a big fan of clicker training, she has worked with others to train their puppies and dogs for over 20 years.  Each session is tailored to your dog with private coaching and classes with 2-4 puppies.  Check out The Puppy Project here to get your training started.

Our custom made PVC label is made with quality and attention to detail.  Your label will not be simplified.  The detail our labels provide will stand out against the rest.  Our custom labels have a variety of features to chose from.  Customize your PVC label for size, shape, color and texture.  You may add fragrance, glitter and glow-in-the-dark features.  Our Custom made PVC labels can be attached with a variety of options depending on the material or product you want decorated.  Flexsystems can heat seal, or VELCRO® brand fasteners®, or sew on your custom made PVC label.  We cut out the middleman and make it simple for our customers to get the job done.  Customizable down to the size of your order, we do not require minimum orders.  If you need a custom label quickly, we do rush orders.

Whether you need custom PVC labels for pet leashes and collars, clothing, accessories, scuba gear, military or police uniforms, Flexsystems can make it!  Providing detailed, quality custom made PVC labels has been a passion for over 20 years.  Our dedication to our employees and customers has earned Flexsystems raving customers and repeat business.