Custom PVC Gun Rail Covers Splatter Flag

March 12th, 2015

Custom PVC Gun Rail Covers Splatter Flag

custom PVC gun rail covers


Flexsystems has been operating in the USA for over 20 years.  We do many custom PVC USA made products for our customers.  We have been making custom PVC gun rail covers for our customer at Custom Gun Rails.  We are committed to high quality PVC products and continually seek new technology and innovation as a USA made manufacturer.

We recently made this line of Splatter Flag custom PVC gun rail covers for our customer at Custom Gun Rails in Texas.  Custom Gun Rails has a passion for high quality craftsmanship and ensures all of their products meet the highest standards.  The rail covers have a KeyMod design equipped with super magnets, to make the PVC rail covers easy to install and remove.  The neodymium super magnets are incredibly strong.  The one of a kind design is made with the tactical user in mind.  The Splatter Flag custom rail cover is a design everyone can enjoy.    Whether you are a gun activist, tactical instructor, police or military user, the gun rail covers are made to last where ever you may take them.

We proudly made these custom PVC gun rail covers in the USA.  Made with only the highest quality materials, these PVC rail covers offer a clean look that will stand apart from the rest.  A new blend of resin mixture was used to give these a soft pliable feel without compromising the strength of the rail cover.  Our new resin blend is made to withstand harsh conditions and will not crack, peel or fade.  Our new resin blend PVC has been used to make human heart catheters.  The material is bio-degradable and does not contain phthalates.  A strong, high quality material that is made to last!

Custom Gun Rails commitment to high quality custom gun rail covers shows through with these incredibly durable, high strength custom PVC gun rail covers.  Here at Flexsystems, we are happy to work closely with Custom Gun Rails in creating a new line of custom PVC gun rails that surpasses their standards.

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