Apply Logo Patches to a Variety of Items to Drive Brand Recognition

June 13th, 2013

Detailed pvc label.All organizations rely on using logos to drive brand recognition for their products or services. Logos can be used to identify a name of a company, used for individual product lines, or used to identify a specific type of service. Adding logo patches to your products and other related materials helps people become familiar with your organization. Logos are able to be attached to a variety of items, including shirts, hats, shoes, jackets, notepad folios, and silicone bands.

The Molds for Your Logo Patches Are Retained for Two Years

Whenever you have us create a custom logo patches for your products, we keep the mold on hand for two years from the date of your last order. This allows you to order additional patches anytime you need more, or when you want to use them on different items. You can also get our assistance with finishing processes to have the patches applied directly to your items.