Custom Pet Charms

September 26th, 2023

Custom Pet Charms

BBB Pet Charms

Our USA made soft flexible rubber PVC pet collar charms and ID tags are as colorful as they are useful. Use your imagination and have some fun by putting whatever saying, shape or color you want on them. You can also add fragrances to these parts as well. We offer a wide variety of scents that can be added to our material, from baby powder and cinnamon to pine tree and lavender.

The USA made soft flexible rubber PVC material used in our products is medical grade. All our products are non-toxic and we have SGS test results to prove it. We can offer cat, dog or other pet promotional products in our eco-friendly , 95% post consumer, recycled material. Custom ideas are always welcome.

Due to the unique nature of our custom, pour molded process, you can create any shape or size you like. Our USA made soft flexible rubber PVC pet ID tags and collar charms are easy to use and you can add your customers’ brand name or logo to the front side. Flip the USA made soft flexible rubber PVC pet ID tag over and the pet’s name and the phone number go on the back.

The pet product industry loves this product as do schools, clubs, and event planners. The Flexsystems’ dog collar charms are another nice way to dress up a collar. Add your brand name to the charm and it attaches to the dog collar with an “S” ring. Perfect for promoting a special pet cause, dog fundraiser or a brand awareness campaign for pet stores are ideal ways to take advantage of this item.

“Thanks to all the Flex Team for baby sitting my first order with you. We’ll be doing more…”

Ed Gerber,
Jack Nadel

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