Handicap Products

December 14th, 2012

Handicap Products


3D custom zip pull Tilite came to us to develop a zipper pull that they could use on their line of wheelchairs. We came up with a two sided zipper pulls. A 3D custom zip pull that was easy to grip, colorful and stood out. Our parts can withstand a lot of wear and tear and this works out perfectly for the wheel chair use.



keychain custom silkscreen 2 sided

We have started to make many products and parts for companies that make products for people with special needs. One of these companies is Adaptive Engineering Lab. They manufacturer hundreds of seating systems to fully customize any wheelchair.




Silkscreen keyfob frontHandicap Productslabel - ael






Our custom label, AEL, is being heat sealed onto all the AEL Posture support Braces. AEL needed a custom brand that would hold up to the wear and tear and outdoor Use of the product.