4CP Hybrid

January 30th, 2023

FLEX4CP – Patent Pending 4CP Hybrid

4CP Hybrid

Flexsystems® new custom four color process labels use our patent pending “4CP Hybrid” technology combining the fresh look of our molded PVC plastic products with the amazing detail matching process used in four-color printing.  This brainchild is the product of the marriage of our molded PVC custom emblems, labels and products coupled with the detail capturing quality of our patent pending 4CP products.

This means that your custom rubber PVC labels, patches, keychains or other promotional products will have the best of both worlds — the benefits of the three dimensional molded label and the ability to capture the detail of the complex, multi-colored logo your tough customer just has to have reproduced exactly.

These four color process hybrid labels can easily be applied to garments by sewing or heatseal, as well as applied to other hard to brand items with adhesives.

Jump ahead of competition still using those tired old methods of embroidery or silkscreen and try the latest in branding – Flexsystems® 4CP Hybrid Technology!

“Supplier did rush order and supplied a quality product. Assisted in picking up the product
to be labeled, made a quality product and shipped out within a week.
Very impressed. Customer very happy.”

James Gerein,
In Gear Creations

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