Promotional Cord Embedded Custom 2D Zip Pulls

March 26th, 2015

Promotional Cord Embedded Custom 2D Zip Pullscustom 2D zip pullscustom 2D zip pullscustom 2D zip pulls








Cord embedded custom 2D zip pulls are very popular promotional in many industries.  For over 21 years we have been making custom PVC zip pulls in California.

Cord embedded custom 2D zip pulls are universal promotional items for a variety of customers.  From the military to promotional product distributors to clothing manufacturers, the custom 2D zip pulls are great branding tools.  Our cord embedded zip pulls are easy to attach to anything with a zipper.  Attach these great looking 2D zip pulls to items such as laptop sleeves, jackets and backpacks.  These 2D zip pulls are sure to stick out in a crowd.  The flexible PVC is soft to the touch but adds an element of durability other zip pulls just don’t have.  Our custom 2D zip pulls will not crack, peel or fade.  Customize your zip pulls to any shape and size.  The right mold can be utilized for many other promotional items.  When you are finished making your zip pulls, why not unify your brand with PVC sew on patches, magnets, decals or keychains.


We can match any pantone color you desire free of charge.  If you have detailed art, our patent pending process Flex 4CP can match your design exactly.  Flex 4CP can capture all the detail in your design or artwork without simplifying your logo.  We also offer a variety of PVC choices.  Our eco-friendly material reuses PVC that has been used once in production.  Our Flex BioCorn material is a new organic option that replaces phthalates with a corn resin.   From eco-friendly to our new Flex BioCorn material we have something to please all our customers.

We recognize how important it is to have promotional items for a last minute fundraiser or event.  If you need a rush order we can deliver in just days.  We offer no minimums so you can order exactly what you need!  We are committed to our customers and have earned repeat business over the last 21 years.