Innovation Moves Sustainable Manufacturing

March 30th, 2015

Innovation Moves Sustainable Manufacturing

sustainable manufacturing

Sustainable manufacturing is important to our future.  Companies all around the world are developing technology for bio-based products.  We had been contacted by the publisher, Kate Bachman, of Sustainability Manufacturer Network E-zine.  Kate told us about the wonderful news and coverage that Flexsystems had received in the article.  The article discusses how innovation and technology is propelling the emerging bio-based economy into the future.  Flexsystems is honored to be mentioned in this online magazine publication.

The article discusses how the world and our economy is moving toward a future in bio-based products and materials.  Bio-based products are set to replace fossil fuel based products such as plastic, packing materials, motor fuel, lubricants and cleaners.  Bio-based products are made from plant sourced materials or from organic waste rather than fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum.  A wide variety of plant sources are already being used such as corn, wheat, sugar cane, starch and bio-oils.  Countries such as China, Europe and North America are set to open numerous bio-based factories or transitions existing factories over the next 10 plus years.  The industry has projected huge growth by 2018.

Through innovative technology, Flexsystems has developed a new bio-based resin for our USA made PVC products.  Our new material exhibits all the same characteristics as our previous material including the soft and flexible feel without the phthalate content.  Strong and durable our FlexBioCorn is an eco-friendly PVC.  We use a corn based resin to make our new patented FlexBioCorn material.  All of our USA made products are made using FlexBioCorn material.  FlexBioCorn is a medical grade material and has been used to manufacturer human heart catheters.

Flexsystems continues to provide the highest quality PVC products available.  Innovation is important in creating  sustainable manufacturing in an ever changing economy and world.  We are honored to be mentioned as an innovative sustainable manufacturing company in Kate Bachmann’s article “Biotechnology to fossil fuels: Game on” in the Sustainable Manufacturer Network E-zine.