How Do I Decorate A Bag or Other Items With Multiple Brands? Help?

April 4th, 2014

Decorate-A-BagWe get this question every day who do I add all these sponsor logos to my product? With embroidery or silkscreen, this is nearly impossible. With the custom pvc labels, we have done multiple logos on a patch and we still keep a reasonable size. Or we can use the pvc four color process labels if a lot of color is required.

This opens up the opportunity to decorate many items with one label. We have sewn a custom pvc label with multiple sponsors onto hats, bags, shirts, towels, shoes, dog collars and more.

Our product is the only pvc label made with an eco friendly pvc. Instead of phthalates, we use a corn ingredient. The material is medical grade and was first used to make human heart catheters.

In a rush? We can make the labels or keychain or fill in the blank in days…and we can sew or heat seal them onto your blank goods.