Custom Morale Badges Made For Impact Weapons

March 5th, 2024
Custom Moral Patch Impact Weapons

USA Made 2D Custom Morale Patches and Badges

Flexsystems has been making custom morale badges with VELCRO® brand fasteners backing for Impact Weapons for several years now. The company proudly makes their attach mounts in the USA and only use USA parts and products. They are Americans who stand up for our God-given rights under the Second Amendment and who use and shoot the products they sell. Founded in 2010, they are people who live, work, climb, snowboard, fish, hunt, shoot and train.

We are proud to supply them with our USA Made morale patches and badges. We work with many USA Manufacturers and there is a bond between us all. Our goal is to keep making products in America and keep the middle class employed.

Besides the industries associated with guns and ammo, we also sell the custom morale badges and patches to military, police, fire and rescue and other agencies that use these particular kinds of patches for their uniforms. From large and unique custom shapes to matching any pantone color, just send us your artwork and we will help you create the custom patch you want to wear.

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