Custom Labels Made In The USA

March 2nd, 2024

Custom Labels Made In The USA

Custom Labels

Our Custom labels are made in the USA and are a frequent item we manufacture here at Flexsystems.  Our custom labels are eco-friendly and have a wide variety of uses.  Custom labels offer many features that will fit any clients’ needs.  If you have purchased shoes, hats, bags or clothing chances are you have seen a custom label.

We make our custom labels out of 95% post-consumer “green” plastic.  We also use a material called FlexBioCorn tm which is medical grade, contains no phthalates and is compliant with prop 65.  This material is also the same material that is used to make human heart catheters and many other medical devices.  We are the only USA manufacturer to use this material for our custom labels made in the USA.

Custom labels can be used on many different garments.  They can also be customized to include many unique features.  Our custom labels are heat-sealed or sewn onto shoes, hats, sporting goods, animal leashes, and bags.  Custom labels can be different shapes, sizes, texture, have glitter, scent, glow-in-the-dark and even 3-D.  There is something for every custom label.

Our custom labels, made in the USA, are soft, flexible and eco-friendly.  Custom labels offer our clients a unique, high quality product for their logo.  If you have seen or bought any item that displays a logo, you have seen a custom label.  Most likely you have seen a custom label made right here in San Diego at Flexsystems.