Use Bar Mats to Help Lower Accidents from Occurring in Your Bar Area

May 14th, 2013

Keeping your work spaces safe is important in order to prevent accidents and injuries. In the food and beverage industries, not only do you have to protect your employees but also your customers visiting your business. You bar area can be protected against accidental glass breakage by using bar mats. Bar mats are made from rubber and provide stability when preparing drinks for your servers. The mats prevent the drinks from sliding on the counter top and offer impact resistance in the event a glass is knocked over.

Advertise Your Products by Using Bar Mats as a Marketing Tool

Any business which sells beverages to restaurants, bars, and other food service establishments should consider using bar mats as promotional and marketing tools. You can give out the mats to your customers with your brand name, product name, logo or other custom design. Your customers will appreciate the mats and use them in their place of business. As a result of your customers using your mats, you are receiving free advertising and are able to advertise your brand messaging to all of your customers’ patrons.