Rubber PVC Plastic Badges Are Designed to Last Longer

May 16th, 2023

Rubber PVC Plastic Badges Are Designed to Last Longer

Morale Badges with Velcro Brand Fasteners - USA & Orient Made

Silk screening and embroidery on clothing and hats do not always last as long as rubber PVC plastic badges. With silk screen printing and embroidery these items can wear off over repeated exposure to the weather outdoors and wash cycles. Rubber patches are able to withstand the demands placed upon them in different kinds of weather conditions as well as being ran through a washer numerous times.

Use Custom Designed Rubber PVC Plastic Badges on Clothing Products

Rubber PVE plastic badges can be custom designed and used on different types of clothing products. You could place the emblems on jackets, shirts, hats, pants, and shoes. They are used by law enforcement, fire departments, EMT responders, private schools, military, and any other kind of business which has their own style of work uniforms. Patches are also able to be used as awards for meeting special goals or providing outstanding performance.