USA Made Berry Amendment Parts

November 5th, 2014

USA Made Berry Amendment Partsberry amendmentBerry amendment

Here at Flexsystems, we meet Berry Amendment requirements for any government work you may have that requires USA made parts.  The Berry Amendment requires the Department Of Defense to give preference to manufacturers and certain products such as food, fabrics, specialty metals and clothing that are USA made.  Berry Amendment ensures the DOD has secure USA made contracts for their needs of certain products during time of war or adversity.  Berry Amendment is important in securing necessary products for the DOD and supports the relationship between our armed forces and American businesses.

Our customer, Custom Gun Rails, came to us with a challenge.  Angel, the president of CGR, wanted to create a new line of customized gun rail parts for his company.  Currently using metal, the thought of a USA made part with crisp detail and vibrant color was intriguing.  Angel worked with the team and we came up with a new blend of resin to create a soft pliable feel.  We then tested several types of 3m adhesive and sent them to Angel.  He tested the parts in Afghanistan, where he was on duty.  After multiple testing rounds, we nailed the right part and CGR has been selling the very successful parts for over 6 months now.

If you or your company need Berry Amendment parts, Flexsystems offers high quality parts, challenges accepted.

What does Angel think?

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It can sometimes be a daunting task to find a company that one can entrust with a new project or to continue with an existing one.  I must say, here at Custom Gun Rails, we have been nothing but impressed with Flexsystems attention to detail and true professionalism.  Working with Melissa, Gary, George and the rest of the crew has been a true pleasure.  They focus on your project so you can focus on your business.


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