American Made Keychains For Promotional Events

October 30th, 2014

American Made Keychains

Our AmAmerican made keychainserican made keychains are manufactured in San Diego, CA.  Flexsystems has been manufacturing in this beautiful city since 1994.  We manufacture keychains for many purposes such as fundraisers, events and promotional products.  Flexsystems makes quality and product efficiency a high priority.

High quality is important to us, this is why we have invented a four color process that allows for exact design replication.  This process has been named Flex4CP and is patent pending.  We had customers with difficult artwork and Flex4CP was invented to insure that the quality of the artwork would retain crisp clean details when transferred to PVC keychains.  Artwork design, manufacturing and shipments are all done in the factory allowing for a smooth efficient process when expecting your order.  Rush orders can be done within days.  When you choose American made keychains, there is no need to wait for an overseas shipment.

Flexsystems offers a wide variety of customized keychains.  Keychains offer many customized features such as 3-D molded, texture, double-sided, glitter, glow-in-the-dark, scent infused and much more.  When you order with Flexsystems you support American jobs and manufacturing.  We believe in high quality manufacturing and outstanding customer service.  Order your American made keychains for your next promotional items or event, you will not be disappointed.