USA Made 2-D Morale Badges with VELCRO® brand fasteners

December 29th, 2014

VELCRO® brand fasteners® morale badgeUSA Made 2-D Morale Badges with VELCRO® brand fasteners


VELCRO® brand fasteners® morale badges are a very popular item we produce.  Here at Flexsystems we believe that manufacturing in the USA gives us the advantage when monitoring the quality of our products. Our 2D VELCRO® brand fasteners® morale badges for instance, will last longer than those made in China or other offshore factories. The quality of our morale badges surpasses that of any other made overseas. We are the only USA manufacturer to supply these badges made in the USA. When you buy our VELCRO® brand fasteners® morale badges, you support American jobs. Supporting American jobs ensures a fair labor market and supports a more environmental friendly manufacturer. The United States has many laws that help to regulate a safe and fair working facility that manufacturers are not required to follow overseas. Buying your morale badge overseas may not seem like a big deal and you may save a little up front. However, when you take the quality of the product and most factory operation practices into consideration you will understand that it is more cost effective to buy from Flexsystems.

Your overseas made embroidered morale badge is likely to peel, crack and unravel once exposed to the elements. Our morale badges are attached with VELCRO® brand fasteners®, a heat seal or we can sew them directly onto your item.  Our VELCRO® brand fasteners® morale badges are a popular way to attach your badge.  Since our morale badges are made with PVC and a corn base to replace phthalates, they are not only environmental friendly but will also last an extremely long time. We like to say that our morale badges will outlast the item you are attaching the badge to.   Our VELCRO® brand fasteners® morale badges will not peel, crack, fade or unravel unlike the orient made badges. Our badges have been tested against many different harsh elements to ensure they can withstand even the harshest elements they are exposed to.  You will not be disappointed when you chose USA made. Higher quality products, supporting American jobs, labor friendly and eco-friendly are some of the many reasons we know you will love buying USA made VELCRO® brand fasteners® morale badges.  Come experience USA made and see why it is the superior choice.