NYPD Counterterrorism Custom PVC label

November 10th, 2014

custom PVC labelscustom PVC labelsNYPD Counterterrorism Custom PVC Label

Our custom PVC label is a frequent popular item we manufacture here at Flexsystems.  We do many custom PVC labels for police forces, military, schools, sports teams, groups and clubs, to name a few.  We recently manufactured these labels for the NYPD counterterrorism division.  The NYPD counterterrorism labels are important to the division in order to have a clear presence in strategic areas throughout the city.  Flexsystems is pleased to manufacture a label that provides crisp detail and is guaranteed to last.

Our custom PVC labels can be customized in any size, shape and color.  Whether you need a large label that is crisp and detailed or a small label with intricate detail, you won’t be disappointed!  The custom PVC labels can be VELCRO® brand fasteners, heat-sealed or sewn onto garments, shoes, bags, blankets, pet accessories and even headphones.   Our custom PVC labels may be customized to include glow-in-the-dark features, glitter and even scent.  The PVC label can be customized for shape and texture, from a shape of a lake to a muddy footprint we have done a variety of customized shapes.

The custom PVC labels are made from 95% post-consumer resin and are made to endure even the harshest environments.  We started using a new material a few years ago called FlexBioCorn tm.  FlexBioCorn is made with a corn base and is a medical grade material.  The material is phthalate free and complies with proposition 65.  The FlexBioCorn material is used to make heart catheters and other medical devices and is exclusive to Flexsystems.  Whether you need PVC labels for business, events or groups they will come out with crisp detail and will not crack, unravel or fade.