PVC Bag Tags

January 18th, 2023

Flexsystems Molded PVC Bag Tags

If you like the look of the custom PVC bag tag, you can use the same mold to make custom sewing labels, rubber lapel pins, PVC magnets, and hang tags.

And if you want an eco friendly item, we can use our recycled resin to make the parts for you. Soon we will be offering a corn plastic as another alternative to the PVC rubber bag tag.

Many customers have difficult to decorate art. If this is the case, we can use our new Flex 4CP four-color process for your bag tag. From computer-generated art to animated art, we can replicate it exactly the way the customer wishes.

We offer decoration on site, send us your blanks.  In addition, we can supply warehousing (110,000 sq feet) fulfillment, assembly and packaging.

“I was very pleased with Flexsystems®’ ability to meet my specifications. I had many changes through the prototyping stages, and Dave in the art department did a great job working with the Flexsystems factory to make those changes. We now have a sellable product.”

Michael Newman,

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Our Unique, 3D Flexible Parts and Labels Can be Applied by Sewing, Heat Seal or Adhesive. – PERFECT FOR THOSE HARD TO BRAND ITEMS!

Production: 2-4 weeks from sample approval, higher quantities may take longer

For RUSH, Additional parts or more information get a Quote