Medical Labels

January 19th, 2023

Custom Medical Labels

Custom Medical Labels

It is hard to translate a DNA strand or similar detail onto embroidery or silkscreen or most types of custom labels. But the USA made PVC labels and rubber patches that we make in San Diego work well for this sort of thing…..and we are able to sew.

Medical LabelsComplete Genomics is a custom rubber patch that we heat sealed onto bags.Medical LabelsEpilog Laser label is a sew on clothing label.
Medical LabelsMany of our medical pvc labels are sewn onto equipment that will be used outdoors, as is the case of the Mountaineers….When you need your brand to stand out and withstandall sorts of harsh environments, the custom 3D labels work best. Our USA made custom patches captured the tiny detail in the brand as well. And we also did the decoration of the labels onto a variety of items.Medical LabelsEPISMART is a pvc label that we made in San Diego and sewed onto polo shirts and hats.
Medical LabelsLebrikizumab Team label is a rubber patch that was sewn onto bags.Medical LabelsThis is another medical custom patch that was sewn onto a shirt in the left chest position.
Medical LabelsThe Regence Medical custom sew on label was made in our factory and then sewn onto Patagonia bags.Medical LabelsRevalor-XS custom medical pvc label had the detail that only our pvc process could achieve.
Medical LabelsThis medical custom label was made and then applied to bags for the customer. The fine detail in the logo meant that the customer could not use embroidery or silkscreen. If you are in a rush, we can offer this service for not just the USA made pvc labels but also the decoration and drop shipment of your order.Medical LabelsOrgan Recovery Sytems label is a combination of our custom rubber patch with a 4CP label inserted inside. That allows us to add the unique 3D texture along with complex logos.
Medical LabelsOur Flexsystems four color process was able to incorporate all the detail in this magnet and label for our customer. Gebauer’s loved the combination of our 3D pvc label with the 4CP or four color process portion inserted into the label.Medical Labels

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