Decorating Outerwear with USA Made PVC Labels

February 19th, 2015

Decorating Outerwear with USA Made PVC Labels


USA made PVC labelsUSA made PVC labelsUSA made PVC labels

Decorating with PVC labels is quite common now.  Not only are custom USA made PVC labels easy to sew onto garments and bags, the logo lasts much longer than embroidery.  Made with our patented exclusive FlexBioCorn material our PVC labels not only last longer, they are eco-friendly, compliant with prop 65 and contain no phthalates.

Made to withstand heat and the rigor of an outdoors environment, our labels will not crack, peel or fade.  Imagine an embroidered patch or silkscreen on a jacket or bag that is in the sun, rain, snow etc.  The wear and tear from the environment means that the embroidered patch will unravel, fade, and get very dirty.  The great news about USA made PVC labels is that they last forever.  They can be cleaned and do not show the aging and thus, your brand name will look great no matter what.

Our latest project was decorating jackets for our distributor who handles the Dooney and Bourke account.  This is a very popular brand name and their line of bags is seen in most highend retail stores.  Dooney and Bourke was created in 1975 by Peter Dooney and Federic Bourke.  When other companies were cutting corners and using cheaper materials, Dooney and Bourke never took those cuts and kept incorporating the high quality materials they had always been using.  For 40 years Dooney and Bourke have continued their commitment to quilty craftsmanship with high quality materials.

Dooney and Bourke specialize in a range of leather goods from saddle bags and military gear to fashion accessories for men and women such as handbags, phone cases, tablet cases, watches, and jewelry.   They strive to manufacture a product with high quality raw materials and artistry that serves many capabilities with ease.  The logo looks very nice in the 2D format and was easy to sew on in our factory here in San Diego.  Not only did we make the USA made PVC labels, we also did the decoration.  Our sewing team has been at Flexsystems for over 15 years now.  And their workmanship is top notch.  With us there is no middleman.

Try our USA Made pvc labels for your next project.