Customize With American Made PVC Zipper Pulls

June 5th, 2015

Customize With American Made PVC Zipper pulls

American made PVC zipper pulls

American made PVC zipper pulls make great promotional products.  Display your brand on jackets, backpacks, laptop cases, and anything with a zipper.  Stand out and be recognized with our long lasting PVC zipper pulls.  These American made PVC zipper pulls were created for the Strategic Scientific Reserve (S.S.R.).

The Strategic Scientific Reserve was created in 1940 by President Roosevelt to fight the Nazis in Europe during WWII.  The goal of S.S.R was to create an army of super soldiers that could defeat the Nazis and Hydra in the battlefield.  Steve Rogers became the first super soldier and is also known as Captain America.  Scientist Dr. Abraham Erskine used his newly formed serum to transform Steve Rogers into the super soldier known as Captain America.   Colonel Chester Phillips led the S.S.R.  Howard Stark and agent Carter were both members of the agency.  The S.S.R. would later be absorbed by S.H.I.E.L.D in 1946.  Marvel’s Strategic Scientific Reserve PVC zipper pulls are sure to be noticed with the classic eagle logo.  The wings extend out from the zipper pull to form a unique shape.  The eagle appears to be taking flight by extending its arms of security.

Flexsystems zipper pulls can be customized to any shape or size.  Our USA made PVC is eco-friendly and will outlast embroidery counterparts.  This is an innovative organic material especially designed for our customers.  Our eco-friendly material can be used for any of your promotional product needs.  We offer PVC patches, badges, labels, earrings, keychains, wristbands, and magnets to name a few.  We meet Berry Amendment requirements for those with government contracts.  Flexsystems continually works to exceed the expectation of our customers with quality American made products.  Whether you need promotional items for an elite army or to promote your business we have you covered from start to finish.   Show your support with American made PVC zipper pulls.