Custom PVC Labels for AT& T and the NFL Headphones

October 7th, 2016

Custom PVC Labels for AT& T and the NFL Headphones

Our customer Joan came to us with a challenge…  her customer needed to solve a problem for AT&T.  The NFL coaches had the AT&T logo on their head sets during games but the cameras caught too much glare off the type of labels that were currently being used and needed to remedy this.  Could Flexsystems make a custom PVC label to help reduce the glare?

Bring on the challenge!  We developed what we call a hybrid label and used a strong 3M tape on the back. The custom PVC label used an embossed AT&T logo.  And for the four color process design, we used our dome process and we were able to replicate the difficult screens and color gradients in the design with success!

What did Joan say when her customer received the parts?

You guys rock! That’s fantastic news. Thanks for your diligence on this complicated order as always!!”

Next time you have a difficult time with your customers artwork, give us a call.  Our custom PVC labels will not disappoint.