Custom PVC KeyMod Gun Rail Covers USA Made

March 5th, 2015

Custom PVC KeyMod Gun Rail Covers USA Made

custom PVC KeyMod


Custom PVC KeyMod gun rail covers were made in the USA for our customer – Custom Gun Rails in Texas.  The patterns were created by Kryptek and considered difficult to replicate in a 2D molding part.  Here at Flexsystems, we love a good challenge.

Custom Gun Rails needed to match the Kryptek patterns perfectly.  And we were able to do just that!  We used a new blend of resin mixture to give the custom PVC KeyMod rail covers a soft pliable feel without compromising the strength of the rail cover.   The Kryptek patterns are designed with a layered effect to provide a sharp background feature while random patterns bring a 3-D effect to the foreground.  We were able to achieve this effect and the rail covers look just as the pattern was designed to.  The custom PVC KeyMod rail covers are a unique, clean design made just for the tactical user.  Strong and versatile the custom PVC KeyMod rail covers are made to withstand harsh environments.  They are attached with heavy-duty super magnets that make installation simple.  The magnets create a strong bond while keeping it simple.  No tools are necessary to slide out the existing cover and replace it with a new pattern.  Custom PVC KeyMod covers are a unique way to personalize your weapon and stand out from the rest.

The unique Kryptek patterns Custom Gun Rails used are the popular Typhon, Mandrake and Highlander designs.  Kryptek designed the patterns so that they will effectively conceal in numerous types of terrain.  By providing tried and tested patterns and designs to the tactical market, their patterns ensure concealment at long and close ranges.  Kryptek employees are made up of the nations elite warriors.  Through their experiences and knowledge in combat they bring proven high performance tactical gear, designs and apparel to the market.

Custom PVC KeyMod rail covers bring a unique, personalized feature to your weapon.  We were able to match the Kryptek patterns for our customer, Custom Gun Rails, perfectly without comproming the design.  This is very important to the authenticity of the pattern, its created purpose and Custom Gun Rails desired look.