Braille 3D labels

October 20th, 2022

Flexsystems Braille 3D Labels

plastic 3D process

Our detailed plastic 3D process can achieve such detail that you can feel or read the Braille on them.  These custom PVC braille labels, patches and rubber emblems can be used for products to instruct the blind: on clothing fabric  and on any product that needs easy identification. Available wholesale, we offer our custom braille parts, emblems, keychains and USA made Braille custom labels.

The pricing is the same as a normal label or patch. And you can sew, heat seal, glue or use adhesive to adhere our soft flexible emblems. We also offer decoration on site in our San Diego warehouse, over 14, 000 sq. feet. In addition, we can warehouse items from the Orient or from your vendors and also do assembly and fulfillment. We offer rush services and do not require minimums.

The Braille products are made in the USA from our medical grade PVC that meets all the US and California safety requirements.

Many customers call these rubber labels or rubber emblems. We can also make eco friendly emblems or recycled emblems. Our promotional product Braille labels are also called plastic labels, custom emblems, custom labels and sewing labels or custom sewing labels.

“My customer really bought into the idea of transforming the JOLT COLA can into a PVC patch, keychain, sticker and magnet.”

Chris Martins,
the Cooley Group

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Ask us about our variable data labels as well as our braille labels. Made in the USA.

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