3D logo Sewn-in Label

October 22nd, 2022

3D logo Sewn-in Label

Braille Label

This USA Made custom 3D logo can be done for sewn-in garment labels. The customer wanted the detail as well as the 3D relief. We decided to use our Hybrid 4CP/3D labels.

The colorful label was made in our four color process format and the wording on the label was embossed. The pvc labels were then sewn onto a variety of products for this medical customer.

Our four-color process was invented here at Flexsystems many years ago. Our team was addressing the issue of difficult artwork and logos that were not spot colors and how to replicate them so that a label could be created and used to decorate garments, caps, bags or be used as a zipper pull, magnet, Velcro patch or a keychain.

We take the artwork and print it and then lay it onto our vinyl and coat it with a clear layer of our pvc material. This projects the actual artwork and creates a nice label-without having to simplify the artwork. Often, we combine the 4CP with our molding process so that we have a very difficult logo that is inserted onto our 2D label, creating a very unique look!

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