3D Labels

September 18th, 2022

3D Labels, Patches and Emblems

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Our 3D labels, patches and emblems sew easily onto all types of fabrics. They will not perforate, chip off, de-laminate and will last longer than embroidery or silkscreen. The unique rubber like 3D PVC plastic labels, emblems or patches are custom made. An independent lab has tested our USA made products – Click here for SGS test results. Our ability to achieve detail and not alter your logo is an important benefit. And we do not have to go big to get the detail like other processes do. We sew anything from golf shirts, hats, bags, fleece, difficult to decorate items and plush toys. We decorate on site and can do rush orders. And we do not have minimums.

We can also provide our “Eco-label”; “green” plastic 3D labels made from 95% post-consumer resins, custom patches and glow in the dark 3d patches and products. You can also add glitter, reflective mesh or fragrance to our soft flexible custom PVC rubberized plastic for a unique look and finish. These 3D labels, 3D patches, 3D emblems and badges are perfect for sports teams ranging from high school to collegiate as well as professional sports, motorcycle clothing and military morale patches with VELCRO® brand fasteners®.

Our new material is called FlexBioCorn tm and is an exclusive for us. No phthalates, Prop 65 compliant and this material is medical grade. Currently it is being used to make human heart catheters. Only the USA products use this resin.

What are 3D labels?

Often people call 3D labels 2D labels or pvc labels or embossed or molded labels. They are all different words for pvc labels. The custom pvc labels and 3D labels are soft and flexible and are easily sewn or heat sealed to soft goods. For hard goods, we can add adhesives to the back of the parts. The material used is a phthalate free USA made product. We use a corn ingredient in the place of the phthalates.

What Do You Do with 3D labels?

Most of our customers sew their 3D labels onto garments, hats, bags, polo shirts , fleece items, jackets and all sorts of outdoor gear. With our built in sew channels, this makes it easy for you, for us or for your decorator to sew them on. We can also test to see if our parts can be heat sealed or use adhesive on the back to adhere to other kinds of products. Chances are, if you have bought sporting goods, clothing, computers, machinery, etc, you have seen a 3D label as the way to brand the part.

How Long Will 3D labels and pvc labels and rubber labels last?

Our 3D labels last a very, very, very long time. Unlike embroidery, which fades, unravels and chips and peels off, our USA Made 3D labels will withstand harsh environments. We have been making USA Made custom 3D labels and custom patches for the motocross, motorcycle, scuba, shoe, hockey, boot, medical, sporting good and many other industries since 1994. No one has ever returned a 3D label due to wear and tear. EVER.

“The team loves the patches. They’ve taken tumbles down steep grades, run through forests with them on, and the damage rubs right off. Even under hot Texas sun for hours, they haven’t turned color one bit, and they’re easily recognizable. The VELCRO® brand fasteners® fastener is very strong and shows no signs of separating from the patch itself. These are top-notch, and even with the small order I placed, I’m also glad you’re keeping touch.

I’ll keep you posted if we need another order anytime soon, I might be having some demand for the patches done in alternate colors. Thanks for checking in!”

Kit Young

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The LOYOLA labels were used to decorate fleece blankets, caps and jackets. With a highly detailed logo like the crest of LOYOLA UNIVERSITY, embroidery can be “fuzzy” and unpleasing to the eye and sometimes the stitch count will require the image to produced much larger than desired. That is what makes our 3D labels, patches and emblems so great; our ability to capture the detail without editing or scaling. This is only one reason we are an industry leader in logo reproduction and ad specialty branding.

3d labels

These bio-symbol patches were used for a popular Disney television show, but were not telling which one. Made with our heat activated adhesive, they can be sewn or heat sealed to almost any fabric, making them the ideal situation for costumers and distributors of ad specialty and promotional products.

3d labels
3d labels

Bulleit Rye wanted a unique label..not just 3D but in a colorful green color. We made the custom labels Here in San Diego and then we sewed the label onto the nice leather satchel.

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