PVC Display Parts USA Made

September 12th, 2022

Flexsystems PVC Display Parts

pvc display part

The retail look of our custom 3D PVC display parts is why they are found on many displays around the USA. The look of the logo in 3D enhances the brand image for the product and attracts consumers to the display itself. From Venison, to Keds to Bell products, we have done hundreds of display parts. And the customers’ keep coming back due to the success of the item.

And if you want an eco friendly item, we can use our recycled resin to make the parts for you. Soon we will be offering a corn plastic as another alternative to the PVC. How many manufacturers can offer you an eco friendly display part?

Many customers have difficult to decorate art. If this is the case, we can use our new Flex 4CP four-color process for your 3D display parts. From computer generated art to animated art we can replicate it exactly the way the customer wishes. Imagine a custom pvc display part exactly like the art your customer wants, no editing! The parts are made in the USA and in the orient.

We offer on-site decoration; just send us your blanks.  In addition, we can supply warehousing (110,000 sq feet) fulfillment, assembly and packaging.

“My client, James River, was in a bind. They had purchased waterproof PVC jackets that could not be embroidered, as the embroidery would have rendered them useless. I was very lucky that my co-worker, Bobby Baughn, referred me to Flexsystems®. John quickly provided a solution by first testing the jacket with their heat seal method, and then they delivered the order in a reasonable timeframe. This made my customer very happy. “

Melissa Keller,
Promotional Considerations