The Texture and Feel of PVC Labels

March 6th, 2023
PVC Labels

The Texture and Feel of PVC Labels

Many people come to the Flexsystems website to find labels. 90% of what we manufacture in San Diego are labels. So they do find labels on our site ! Maybe more than they bargained for. Our custom PVC labels and Patches with VELCRO® brand fasteners are capable of capturing finite detail. When customers are looking for a solution to a difficult logo or trying to find an alternative to embroidery and silkscreen and heat transfer paper, they try our 3D logos. And love them !

The other nice quality about PVC labels is the texture or feel of them. They are tactile and people are drawn to this quality. And from a functional standpoint, these custom labels really last a long time. The custom emblems are applied to scuba dry suits, shoe parts, motocross and jet ski seats and other outdoor oriented usage. They do not fray, unravel, chip or discolor. Your logo will look terrific for years to come and not fade away like embroidery.

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