Rubber Labels

March 8th, 2023

Custom Rubber Labels Patches

Google Rubber Labels

We do a lot of work with Google via our distributors…they love our custom rubber labels….Once you order a mold, you can use this for all sorts of items, not just custom patches. The mold can be used, if the right size, for magnets, keychains, zip pulls and hang tags as well as 3D stickers.

Once we make the custom rubber labels in our San Diego plant, we sew them onto a variety of blank promotional goods that our distributors send to us…..hats, bags, computer cases, Ogio backpacks, Swiss Army Luggage, Nike Polo shirts and many more items.

The PVC labels are very easy to sew on and this is really the most permanent way to affix any label long term. Contact us for your next order.