Custom Rubber Wristbands

May 25th, 2023

Flexsystems 3D Custom Rubber Wristbands

rubber pvc bracelets

Try a new look in custom wristbands, our button bands….We use our new FlexBioCorn tm material that is our exclusive in the industry!  The bands are very detailed and the logo and copy turn out crisp and easy to read. The buttons are either a circle or rectangle, you pick. These custom rubber wristbands have been used in many applications.

From corporate events, trade shows, school events, radio station promotions and for ongoing company catalogs these custom rubber wristbands are a great promotional product for your company, event or organization.

Use any pantone color and you can also use our recycled material as well. The detail in your logo or slogan can be achieved in our unique manufacturing process. We make these only in the USA. have some fun and add a scent to them or glow-in-the-dark!  Made in the USA.

Great for non-profits, political events, fashion promotions, beverage promotions and teen activities. Rubber PVC.

Thanks very much for your help in expediting the production of this order Gary.

I appreciate it.

Chris Weishar

Accent Advertising


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custom rubber wristbands
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usa made rubber wristbands
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