Pai Industries Custom Bar Mat Promotional Products

August 21st, 2019
Pai Industries American Truck Parts Manufacturing
Pai Industries Custom Bar Mat Promotional Products

Pai Industries Custom Bar Mat Promotional Products

You might probably be wondering why a maker of Mac Truck parts would use a bar mat as a choice of promotional products, but when you working with Pai Industries, you don’t question at all. As the top supplier of their industry, they are well recognized and well known and can use any promotional products that they would like.

The bar mat you see here is made of PVC material that is going to outlast other types of plastics. Our PVC is made with Bio-corn and phthalate free so is also great for the environment.   Any company that supports an American Manufacturing company and cares about the environment is good with us and we are grateful to encourage you to know more about them as well.

Pai Industries has been in business for 30 years and they care about American Jobs. They attribute their remarkable success to their dedicated and knowledgeable employees and commitment to quality. It’s no wonder their reviews reflect a great performance driven company.

Bar Mats from Flexsystems San Diego are wonderful to use to promote your organization. We have been in business for twenty years and are committed to bringing high quality promotional products to our constituents.