Custom PVC Bag Tags

August 17th, 2023

Custom PVC Bag Tags

Bag Tag Boeing

If you like the look of the custom PVC bag tag, you can use the same mold to make custom sewing labels, rubber lapel pins, PVC magnets, and hang tags.

Our USA made custom pvc bag tags can be used in many ways. As a functional item, bag tags are found in many corporate website stores. Use them for sports events, travel excursions, events in general if travel is required, colleges, schools, clubs and non profits are other good customers for these.

New Eco PVC Material-USA Only

Our USA bag tags use a new corn based pvc material. FlexBioCorntm is a medical grade pvc that is used to manufacture human heart catheters in the United States. There is no phthalate in the material, we use a corn ingredient instead. We are the only company in the world to have the rights to this material in our industries. If you prefer to use recycled materials, we can use our post industrial resin for your bag tag. It means that you cannot control the color as we use whatever material is currently being made in production. We save all the run off and use for recycled items that you request.

Customize your Bag Tag !

One of the great options with bag tags is to go wild with your shape, size or colors. From Mickey ears to cartoon characters, you can design a unique part and we can normally make it for you. Our colors can be pantone matched and we can have fun and add glitter, glow in the dark, reflective and even a scent for you. If your artwork is difficult, we can suggest our four color process. This means we can use your artwork exactly and not edit anything out. The process is not 2D but can capture the artwork that you want.

Rush Services and No Minimums For USA Bag Tags

If you need bag tags in a hurry, we can make them in days here in our San Diego factory.

Also, we quote from 1-1,000,000 for our USA production if you have a small quantity to order.

Silkscreen Bag Tags

If you like the Mickey Ear Bag tags in the picture below, we can make those as well. Unlike our 2D pvc bag tags, the Mickey Ears are silkscreened on each side. So there is no relief or raised areas on the tag. Send us an email with your design, size and quantity and we will quote this for you.

Contact us for more information.

“Thanks for keeping in touch. We haven’t quite used up our last order, but we will be ordering more in the future. We get a lot of comments on our tags, which we credit to Flex, so thanks.”

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