The Puppy Project PVC Sew On Labels

August 20th, 2015

“Happiness is a Trained Dog”


Custom PVC Sew On Label for The Puppy Project

Custom PVC Sew On Label for The Puppy Project

Today we are featuring one of our customers ‘The Puppy Project”. We created custom PVC Sew on Labels for them. This can be used to promote their business on their t-shirts or bags and the 3D quality will stand out and is a great way to display their organization.

Here are more facts about The Puppy Project:

  • Based in Massachusetts
  • Specializing in young puppies
  • Trainers with extensive professional qualifications
  • Private coaching and classes for 2-4 puppies
  • Online teaching and support


From their website:


“Puppies come to us with strong instincts, and no understanding of how human society works: They explore the world, including people and their possessions, by mouthing, biting, and chewing. When they meet people they love, they jump up to get closer to their faces. They relieve themselves anywhere but in their sleeping quarters, even on our rugs. On walks, they teach themselves to pull to the park like miniature sled dogs.

It is easy to say that puppies do these things, and to wait for them to outgrow the poor behavior, but age alone won’t civilize young puppies: they need our help.”

Read more about the Puppy Project Here: https://pupproject.com/why-train-puppies/