Breed Specific FlexPets PVC

September 1st, 2023

Flexsystems Breed Specific Promotional Products

Breed Specific PVC 3D

Our USA Made breed specific PVC 3D dog items are colorful and fun…use your imagination to put what ever saying, shape and color on them! And add fragrance to the part as well!

Send us your art and we can show you all the products we can make using your breed photo. From custom dog collars, to dog id tags, dog charms, dog collar sliders, dog coasters, dog keychains, dog bands and more.

We can replicate photos or very difficult art. Our new Flex 4CP allows us to take the most difficult art, from animated to computer generated and replicate it without editing!

The materials we use in our USA product are from medical grade PVC. Our product is non toxic and we have done SGS testing for this.

We can offer the dog promotional products above in our eco friendly recycled material. We will have our corn plastic ready to go!

Please contact us for more information or a quote!

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