USA Made Custom PVC Labels For New Clothing Line

March 4th, 2015

USA Made Custom PVC Labels For New Clothing Line


USA Made Custom PVC Labels


USA made custom PVC labels have been our specialty for over 20 years.  Flexsystems is the first company to bring the PVC label to the USA on a mass-marketing level.  Based in San Diego, your product ships in less time bringing you your PVC labels when you need them, even on short notice.  We provide many customizable features for your PVC label to make your logo stand out against competitors.

Our recent customer we created our USA made custom PVC labels for, is launching a new American made clothing and hat line.  Since their clothing and hat line will be American made, it only makes sense to have a label that is USA made as well.  With attention to detail and customizable features such has color and embossed lettering, we were able to keep Rodeo’s PVC label exactly like their artwork.  With our four-color process, invented here at Flexsystems, there is no need to simplify our customers’ artwork.  The detail and features are just as the logo should be.  Never compromise again!

Our USA made custom PVC labels are fully customizable.  Do you need glow-in-the-dark, scented, small or large size labels?  We have you covered!  Features such as size, shape, texture and glitter can all be customized easily.  Custom PVC labels are sometimes referred to as embossed or molded labels.  Made with our exclusive FlexBioCorn material, we are the only company to use the medical grade PVC.  The material has been used to make human heart catheters, how neat!  FlexBioCorn material is also phthalate free and proposition 65 compliant.  Need eco-friendly labels?  We make our eco-labels from 95% post consumer resin.  Our PVC labels will not peel, crack or fade.  They have been tested for heat expansion, colorfastness, tear strength, puncture resistance, oral toxicity and dimension stability.  At Flexsystems there is something for every brand and logo need.

USA made custom PVC labels are a unique way to feature your brand logo and stand out against competitors.  Flexsystems attention to detail and high quality materials creates USA made Custom PVC labels that will outlast those of embroidery and silkscreen and last a very long time.