Promoting the Gun Industry with USA Made PVC Patches with VELCRO® brand fasteners

May 2nd, 2014

image001San Diego, Ca.
One of the more popular ways of promoting companies in the gun industry is the use of the popular 2D pvc Patch with VELCRO® brand fasteners.

The Shot Show in January as well as the NRA show in April had many companies using this form of branding for their company. The Patches with VELCRO® brand fasteners have been used in the military and law enforcement for some time. The new rage is the pvc Patch with VELCRO® brand fasteners. Unlike the old style embroidered patch, the pvc part can withstand harsh environments. They do not peel, unravel, fray or fade. And the material is strong and will normally outlast the item that they are attached to. Embroidery on the other hand does not last very long and becomes dirty and hard to read after being exposed to the elements for a short period of time.

Most people are unaware that the new style Patches with VELCRO® brand fasteners have to be sourced in China. Not so! Flexsystems is a manufacturing company located in San Diego, Ca. They have been in business since 1994 making custom plastic parts, custom pvc labels and pvc Patches with VELCRO® brand fasteners and promotional products and competing against the Chinese imports.
Often, the company receives requests from our military in the field. They recently were contacted by SOCAFRICA. A request that the Orient does not do. Small quantities with four designs and each design required a different quantity. Flexsystems has no minimum order and also offers rush services-parts in days and they ship to APO locations.

Remington, ITS, Trajicon, Impact Weapons, Nexus ITS, Benchmark, S & S, Proppers are some of the companies who have chosen a USA Made part.