Flexsystems Manufacturers the Sequential QR labels for INFAB. For their Smart Track lead apron inspection program

December 19th, 2023

Smart Track – Lead Apron Inspection

Manage, track, and document the inspections of radiation protection garments.

flexsystems manufacturers

We are pleased to introduce our lead apron inspection tool that will allow our customers to manage, track, and document the inspections of all of their Radiation Protection Garments. Smart Track generates reports based on a user’s garment inspection history. Users will utilize these reports to give details on inspections during audits from authoritative bodies while also having a much better understanding of their current inventory status.

Visit SmartTrack.InfabCorp.com

By inputting your protective garment inventory into Smart Track, you will instantly have an extremely user-friendly way to organize and streamline your inspection process. Contact us for more information.