Variable Data PVC Labels For Clothing, Machines and Parts

February 3rd, 2015

variable data pvc labelsvariable data pvc labelsvariable data pvc labelsVariable Data PVC Labels For Clothing, Machines and Parts-USA Made


Our custom variable data PVC labels have become very popular.  Difficult to find vendors who can make the labels that are sewable or able to be heat sealed is not easy.  There are sticker companies, but no one makes the custom variable data that we are making.   QR codes replace the typical numeric bar code, which stores up to 20 digits, with a far more efficient matrix barcode that can that can hold up to several hundred times more information.  The variable data codes are an extremely user friendly way to organize important data.

The variable data can be QR Codes, numbers, pictures and names.  We have made some rather complex custom variable data PVC labels with a variety of digital data.  And once we made the Epistemy labels, we also did the sewing onto a variety of soft goods.  Variable data PVC labels can be added to hats, clothing apparel, bags, wristbands, medical equipment, machinery, magnets and almost anything you would need to attach a QR code to.

For over 20 years we have been a USA PVC label manufacturer as well as a USA Decorator in San Diego.  Our decoration team has been able to adhere our variable data PVC labels and custom PVC patches onto a wide variety of items.  One of our customers uses the labels for medical radiation covers and is able to keep track of them and know when they need updates.  This is one more tool the company can use to streamline efficiency and we are happy to provide our customers with the latest technology they desire.

Many customers going to conventions request variable names and pictures which are quite easy for us to manufacturer here in San Diego.  Our production team has been with Flexsystems for over 20 years, in many cases and they take pride in their work for you.  We are a company committed to USA made products, our employees and to you, our customers.