Sports Water Bottle 2D PVC Medical Labels

May 11th, 2015

Sports Water Bottle 2D PVC Medical Labels

2D PVC medical labels

2D PVC medical labels on sports water bottles are a great way to promote new products in medical facilities.  It is important in a competitive market to get product information and awareness out to your target audience.  A 2D PVC medical label is a great way to put your product on promotional items that will get regular use and attention.

These labels were made and attached to water bottles for Bayer’s medicine Kogenate FS used to prevent and control bleeding in patients with Hemophilia A.  This hereditary bleeding disorder is caused when there is not enough blood clotting factor VIII produced.  Without this necessary factor, the blood cannot clot the proper way.  Most people with Hemophilia A. are male.  This is because the defective gene is linked to the X-chromosome.  A female carries 2 X-chromosomes so if one has the defective gene the other chromosome is able to produce enough factor VIII to clot normally.  Males only have one X-chromosome so those with the defective gene cannot produce enough factor VIII to clot properly.

This medicine is used to replace the missing clotting factor VIII in patients with Hemophilia A.  Kogenate FS can be used regularly to manage and reduce bleeding episodes and may reduce the risk of joint damage in children.  This medicine is also important for those patients who undergo surgery.  Approved for use in children and adults for managing and maintaining factor VIII deficient patients.

With so many options in the medicine field it is important to make sure your product gets noticed.  Our 2D PVC medical labels are eco-friendly.  Made with the same material used to create human heart catheters, these labels are made to last.  The crisp colors on these 2D PVC medical labels were customized to match the water bottle colors perfectly.  All of our PVC labels are completely customizable.  Get the look you want the first time without the hassle.  We have upgraded our technology and worked around the clock to innovate new products that will exceed market standards and our customers as well.

With so many companies to choose from we understand and value our customers.  At Flexsystems we strive to provide the best customer service and products on the market.