Soldier Systems Features Custom Gun Rails

January 26th, 2015

Soldier Systems Features Custom Gun Rails


Solider Systems Features Custom Gun Rails

Giving you the best up to date news and information, Soldier Systems features Custom Gun Rails new line of PVC KeyMod rail covers.  Soldier Systems consistently provides the latest upcoming information on tactical industry products and news.  We are thrilled to share the excitement over CGR’s new, USA made KeyMod rail covers.

We worked closely with our customer, Custom Gun Rails to manufacture the PVC KeyMod rail covers.  Made with only the highest quality materials, these PVC rail covers offer a clean look that will stand apart from the rest.  A new blend of resin mixture was used to give these a soft pliable feel without compromising the strength of the rail cover.  The one of a kind design is made with the tactical user in mind.  Equipped with super magnets, this makes the durable PVC rail covers easy to install and remove.  CGR’s commitment to high quality custom gun rail covers shows through these incredibly durable, high strength PVC KeyMods.

Whether you are in the tactical industry or a gun enthusiast you will enjoy the look, strength and versatility of these PVC rail covers.  We also recommend you stop by and check out Soldier Systems.  We are sure you will enjoy the latest news and products pertaining to the tactical industry.

Here at Flexsystems, we are honored that Soldier Systems features Custom Gun Rails on their popular blog.  As one of our customers, we are happy to work closely with CGR to create a product that surpasses their standards.  We are honored to work with Custom Gun Rails and all our customers who value high quality American made PVC products.