Netflix Zipper Logo Fall Decorative Wear

September 11th, 2021

Netflix Zipper Logo Fall Decorative Wear

Here’s a unique way to stand out in your fall weather attire while promoting your company. Look at this job we did for a distributers customer, Netflix, using their logo for their zipper. We use our patented corn-based PVC material and it’s the best quality in the industry so it won’t chip, fade, break, or melt.

Our products Made in the USA use a material that has been lab tested. You do not have to worry about our materials. We offer non-toxic PVC. We believe in the manufacture of USA products. And we never stopped manufacturing when all the other factories closed up and moved offshore.

With fall right around the corner and winter sneaking up before our eyes, consider decorating your companies clothing with our custom zipper pulls, such as this Netflix zipper on a down feather jacket.