High-End Performance PVC Sew-On Label

August 27th, 2022

High-End Performance PVC Sew-On LabelPVC sew on label

The PVC sew-on label is a high-end alternative to the woven and embroidery label.  Our PVC sew-on label will outlast the product the label is sewn onto.  No one has ever returned a PVC label for wear and tear!
The PVC label adds dimension and crisp details other labels can’t provide.  Our PVC sew-on label is great for performance apparel, bags, jackets, hats and toys.  PVC sew-on labels easily attach to any fabric.  With attention to detail, we provide a high end PVC label that is flexible, soft and waterproof.  We recently created a PVC sew-on label for SUGOi bags.  A company that sets the bar in the performance apparel industry.

Based in British Colombia, Canada, SUGOi provides the standards for performance apparel by creating and designing great products.  In Canada the weather is often a challenge for their active customers.  This has led to the creation of the very best products.  The harsh climate has given the company the ability to create performance products that exceed all the rest.  Whether you find yourself in the dry desert heat or the cool mountain peaks their apparel is designed to keep you going no matter the temperature outside. SUGOi provides the best comfort, fit and fabrics with every garment.  Years of research and technology innovation have led to products that address discomforts such as bulky padding, chafing, comfort and ventilation.  SUGOi has become a leader in the industry for athletes all over the world and continues to set the bar.

At Flexsystems, we strive to provide the very best products for our customers.  With years of research within our industry, innovation and technology developments have provided our customers with high-end PVC sew-on labels that exceed expectations.  We offer completely customizable PVC labels and we decorate on site for a streamlined process, no need for a middleman.
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